• Pirate Halloween Theme
  • Neon Theme
  • Storybook
  • Your Company Branding
  • and More!

Ask about incorporating the Pirate and real life Mermaid shows and about the new smaller mermaid tanks and props!

​Now you can add your companies branding and logos on our mermaid tanks!

Some of our many props include:

  • Giant Seashell Chair
  • Large Wooden Pirate Ship
  • 2 Giant Seahorses 8ft
  • Large Faux Rocks
  • Coral Reef Rocks
  • Treasure Chests 
  • Nautical Pillars
  • Roman Columns
  • Skeletons
  • Mermaid Carts
  • ​Giant Standing Jellyfish
  • ​Small Hanging Jellyfish

  Moon Mermaid is proud to offer the world's largest traveling mermaid tank! This magnificently mes~mer~izing 40 foot, 5,000 gallon portable tank is the perfect size for mermaids to swim at eye level and stun your audience! This tank can hold several swimming mermaids at once for a traveling aquarium experience.

 The 40ft Tank is perfect for music festivals, zoo's, festivals, conventions, weddings, expos, fairs, and events. You can combine the tank with the mermaid lagoon for a full aquatic mermaid experience.

Mermaid Tanks

Moon Mermaid Lagoon

  • Sea Foliage
  • Shells and Coral
  • Faux Sea Creatures
  • Starfish
  • Fish Netting, Cargo Netting, Fabric
  • Wicker Mermaid Chairs
  • Wooden Barrel
  • Themed Decor
  • Circus Sideshow Mermaid Display
  • 10x10 Mermaid Meet and Greet Tent
  • Bubble Machines/ Fog Machines
  • Treasure Displays

 No pool? No problem! Moon Mermaid has created a beautiful 28ft mermaid lagoon that can suite your favorite theme. Filled with beautiful basking mermaids, coral reef rocks, and even a pirate ship that can be included! The lagoon makes for an amazing photo opportunity area and mermaid habitat. Want more? Add a real life mermaid and pirate show! Your guests will get a glimpse into the magical, enchanting world of mermaids!

Choose from Lost City os Atlantis Theme, Mermaids Only Theme, Pirate Theme, Haunted Halloween Theme, Tropical Theme, Scary Mermaid Swamp Theme, Winter Wonderland Theme, Storybook Under the Sea Theme, Luau Theme, Neverland Theme, Mermaid and Pirate Theme, or Neon Theme​ Props

Ask about our smaller lagoon options and props for smaller spaces!


Mermaid  Tanks, Lagoon, & Props

​​Moon Mermaid 


  • Under the Sea 
  • Mermaid Lagoon 
  • Princess Mermaid Theme
  • Neverland World Theme ~ Fairy, Mermaid and Pirates
  • Mermaid "Swamp" (Great for Halloween)
  • Winter Wonderland Mermaids

 Not only does Moon provide quality mermaid entertainment she also provides and creates unique props, mermaid tanks, photo ops and lagoons to create a magical mermaid world and transform your next event. With several themes to choose from let Moon bring her world to you! 

  • Lost City of Atlantis
  • Circus/Sideshow Mermaids
  • Nautical Theme
  • Pirate Theme
  • Fanta~Sea Theme
  • Tropical Theme
  • Mermaid Tank & Lagoon Together


​                           To see more photos of the mermaid tank, lagoon and props click here. 40ft Tank, Lagoon, & Props