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 The enchanting Phoenix has risen from the desert waves bringing with her, her ancient mystery and allure! Phoenix has many stories to tell of her many adventures. 


Mermaid Misty

 The charming and mysterious Antonio Black Crow the treasure hunter.

(Also Spanish Speaking)

(Mermaid Handler) 

Barba the brave pirate, has keen wit, a courageous appetite for adventure and a love for gold and rubies!

(Can Facilitate Weddings)

(Mermaid Handler) 

Commodore Austin Roberts

The Atlanteans 

 Gliding gracefully through the night, the mesmerizing Jellyfish Girls light the way with their dancing twinkling lights and bubbles. Jellyfish available day or night, on stilts, and can do storytelling. Jellyfish girls make the perfect ambiance and are strolling entertainers. Add them to the mermaid lagoon for a full aquatic experience!

Mermaid Indigo

 The mythical Atlaneans, protectors of the underwater kingdom and all its creatures have been known to surface from time to time and shed their scales to walk on land with the mermaids.

Jellyfish Girls

Pirate Tal

Mermaid Angelica 

 Pirate Tal, the fierce, brave, warrior viking pirate keeps a close eye on his beloved mermaid friends on land and at sea.

(Mermaid Handler)

 It is said, to spot a merman is even more rare than to see a mermaid. If you are lucky enough to see Jax you will be mesmerized by his charm, mystery and bravery.

 (California based will travel)

 Alluring Angelica was once a human until she discovered the magic of the mermaids. Angelica often visits her sea~sisters for a late night swim under the moonlight.

 Created by the moon and the sea Moon Mermaid was born in the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Moon first surfaced in 2003 where she began visiting and performing for humans. Moon spends much of her time entertaining in Arizona, California, and Las Vegas where the weather is nice and warm with her pirate friends and sea~sisters.

 During full moons Moon is known for braiding wishes into her long blue hair. When Moon is not entertaining humans or braiding wishes, she loves to search for treasures and enjoys creating beautiful, magical items to wear. 

 One of the last of his kind the great Wizard of Arizona is as mysterious as he is magical. Provides storytelling and a touch of magic!

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The Wizard of Arizona

Antonio Black Crow

Mermaid Phoenix

A man of many tales from across the seas, dare to ask if the stories are true?.

(Can Facilitate Weddings)

 The vibrant and bubbly Indigo has a rare calling she is a Unicorn Warrior Mermaid! If she trusts you, she may share with you some of her stories of protecting the magical unicorns!

Captain Jack 

Merman Jax

Moon Mermaid 

Captain Softpaws


Mermaid Opal

Moon Mermaid


Nicoli Greybeard

The infamous, one and only..... Captain Jack, savvy?

(California / Arizona)

 Misty is the youngest of the mermaids and don't mistake her quietness for shyness, she has the gift to hear and communicate with animals, such as the unicorns she helps to raise and protect!

 Sweet Opal enjoys playing in pink sparkly, sandy beaches and collecting shells to make jewelry for her loved ones! Children love her shimmering fins and friendly smile!