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Moon's Writing a New Book!​

  Moon Mermaid has been a very busy fish filming on Pirate Island for her latest adventure "Moon Mermaid and the Pirates"! This swashbuckling "tail" shows what  life is like on Pirate Island with many of her pirate friends you have come to know and love that often join her on land! 

We have created a GoFundMe page full of rewards to friends and fans that would like to be involved and help support and bring this new adventure project to life!

To learn more about this book and how you can help create it visit

  Watch the behind the scenes video here!

Now You Can Be A Mermaid!

Moon Mermaid now offers Fin Fun swimmable mermaid tails, and toddler tails! Order one for pool time fun, add one to your party package as a gift, or order several for an entire party! Now available here!

New Movie Featuring Moon Mermaid in "Mermaids on Mars"!

Moon Mermaid guest stars as the live action character "Oceana" for the upcoming children's animation film "Mermaids on Mars" coming soon!

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