Children's Parties

 Moon offers many fin~tastic party package options to choose from and will work with you to make your child's party a splash! Email us for rates and availability.

All parties require a $50 non~refundable deposit.

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Now offering additional Mermaids, AquaBro and Pirate entertainment!

​​Moon Mermaid 




 Land Party (Dry)

(Party Dress, No Tail)

Starting at  $200
  The perfect "dry" party option full of activities for little princesses and pirates! our Mermaids can transform their tail into legs to join you on land for your special party! We can choose a craft, themed games with prizes from the treasure box, story time, photo time, a gift for the birthday child, and other activities such as treasure hunt, glitter tattoos and more! We will help you customize the party to suite your guests ages, number of guests, and interests!

 * Recommended for parties of 12 or less children. Larger parties require additional characters 

                         Call or message for rates and a list of activity options! 

       *Most Popular* Swimming Mermaid Party 

                      (1 Pirate Handler Included)

                                          Starting at $300
  Our most popular party package! Has your child ever dreamed of meeting a Mermaid or even better....swim with a Mermaid?! Our trusty Pirate and a dad helper will carry your Mermaid to the pool (a fun entrance) where she will then tell of life as a mermaid, enjoy themed activities that encourage children to use their imaginations, play themed games with small prizes from the treasure chest, a gift for the birthday child, photo time, take home coloring sheets for the guests, swim time with a real Mermaid, and story time or a craft if time permits! All swimming mermaid parties are co hosted with our Pirate helper. Our Pirates are authentic, kind, funny and great with boys and girls!  

 *Recommended for parties of 12 or less children. Larger parties require additional characters. 

Call or message for rates and availability. 

                 Splash Party 2 Swimming Mermaids

                      (1 Pirate Handler Included)

                                        Starting at $450
  This party package includes all the fun of  the swimming party package with 2 mermaids! Swim with our beautiful sea~sisters, play games, themed activities, and more! 

 *For extra splashy fun add on a mermaid swim show! 

Click here to meet our mermaids! Call or message for rates and availability.  

                                    Land and Sea Party 

                    (1 Pirate Handler Included)

                                        Starting at $400
   This fin~tastic party is a great option if you are looking for variety or even a longer amount of time with your Mermaid! Beginning with many dry activities on land while your Mermaid has her temporary legs and party dress then transforming into her beautiful tail while finishing off the party "under the sea" for splashing pool fun, swimming, and water games!

 *This package allows for a larger selection of activities and games that can not all be done in the water and longer time.  

Call or message for rates, activity options, and availability. 

                           Fin~tastic Mermaid Party

                4-5 Characters (Mix and Match)

           Price Varies On Characters Chosen and Time
  Mix and match 4-5 characters for the ultimate party fun! This package is perfect for large parties for both boys and girls when lots of activities and entertainment is needed.

 * At least one pirate handler is always needed to assist mermaids. 

    Click here to meet the "crew". Call or message for rates and availability. 


       Swim Shows, Sword Fights, & Jellyfish Girls         
 Are you looking to add even more to your party?! Add on a synchronized mermaid swim show, a pirate sword fight, or add our magical Jellyfish Girls for the perfect sea themed entertainment. 


                                  Pirate Parties

                                              Prices Vary​
  Considering a swashbuckling adventure with Pirates for your child's party?!

Great for boys and girls! Our Pirates are authentic, full of energy and ready for adventures! Pirate parties may include exciting themed games, treasure hunts, prizes from the treasure box, themed activities, a gift for the birthday child, photo time, sword fighting (ask for details), a craft or story time if desired, and more!  

*Add on a Mermaid for extra fun!

       Click here to meet the "crew". Call or message for rates and availability. 


                             Aquatic Superhero AquaBro                     

                                              Starting at $150 

Searching for something different and exciting?! We now offer our beloved superhero AquaBro! Choose the look you want and enjoy the action packed party entertainment straight from Atlantis! AquaBro provides themed games with prizes from his treasure box, activities, photo opportunities, a gift for the birthday child and will customize each party to the ages and needs of your guests!

*Ask about the Aquabro Merman option! 

​*Add on a Mermaid for more Aquatic fun!

                                               Party Gift Add Ons!

 Looking for unique mermaid or pirate themed gift ideas? View Moon's treasure shopfor many one of a kind handmade items, mermaid jewelry, Moon's new children's book, prints, and be sure to ask about the very special unlisted super secret treasure items perfect for goodie bags and birthday gifts for little mermaids and pirates!

Now taking orders for Fin Fun mermaid tails email Moon here to find out which tails and sizes are available!